Firebrand Technologies is excited to share the following news with our loyal customers and extended community!

Firebrand is now the North American distributor for Book2Look, an innovative widget for reading and sharing book content online. The Book2Look widget will be offered alongside Firebrand’s Content Services, offering users faster setup and implementation than mainstream commercial offerings and as a promotion option for NetGalley customers. Book2Look is also available for non-Firebrand customers.

untethered-soulPlease take a moment to view a sample of the widget implemented for “Untethered Soul,” from New Harbinger Publications. The book – already a breakaway success – was recently featured on Good Morning America by Oprah, and is a New York Times bestseller. Untethered Soul is expected to see high volume use of this newly featured content view tool.

Please view and download a copy of our brochure, or Contact Firebrand for more information.

Sign up for an informative overview webinar on Book2Look being offered on Wednesday, January 9th from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST. Register here.