Extracurricular Activities Add Extra Excitement to Firebrand Community Conference (#Fire2012)

While the goal of the Firebrand Community Conference is to convene in a single location and chat about the daily challenges we’re all facing in the publishing industry, the underlying theme of said event stretches beyond the conference room, and resides right in the title: Community.

What does this mean?

Firebrand takes great pride in cultivating a tight-knit community with all of our clients and friends in the industry, and the notion that the lines of communication remain open at all times. If we’re all working together towards a common goal, we all win – plain and simple. Community is important in any endeavor you pursue. If there’s no community to fall back on, all you’ll do is fall. And a free-fall can be quite uncomfortable.

In the spirit of community and in building relationships within our network of industry contacts, we’ve got two extracurricular activities that we want to make you aware of that will be taking place around normal conference hours. Building relationships outside of the daily grind is beneficial practice, and the sentiment of being friendly with those that you work with on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can offer great reward and stronger working bonds.

On Wednesday evening we’ve reserved David’s Tavern (part of the Garrison Inn where some of you may be staying), for a night of rousing camaraderie in the guise of an open-mic Community Jam. The goal is to pull together some of the musicians from our community, provide some instruments for anyone who is interested, and see what happens. What better way to strengthen tight-knit communal bonds than to make music together?

Whether you play guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, bassoon… (I know, it’s a stretch), we would love to have you join us for the fun. Let us emphasize… FUN! We’ll put together a few chords and play some classics. Rock n’ Roll, Folk Rock, Blues, Country, whatever.

Thursday morning will be the Firebrand Run, which will be split into two groups – runners and hikers.  The run and hike will start at the Garrison statue in front of Garrison Inn. We will meet at 6:00am and be on the road by 6:15, returning by 7:00am. The run/hike route will take us up over  the Merrimac River draw bridge and follow the Old Eastern Marsh Trail through the beautiful early morning wetlands of Salisbury. The route will be out and back on the same course. The run will be 4 miles at an easy pace and the hike will be approximately 2+ miles, but anyone who wants to stop and enjoy the view is welcome to.  We can collect you on the return, so you can pick whatever length you are interested in.  Except for the bridge portion, the trail is straight and flat on an even asphalt foot path.  Sneakers or hiking shoes are fine – there is no off-road trails.

Anyone who joins is officially indoctrinated into the Firebrand Endurance Team and will receive a team shirt.

See you at 6:00am at the Garrison – Rain or Shine! As mentioned, we’ll be back to the Garrison by 7:00am in time to shower up, and hit day two of the conference, where breakfast will be available!

Please come and join in on the fun! And again we stress… FUN!

Join us at the conference, and keep the conversation going on Facebook and  Twitter: #Fire2012


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