Session Highlight of the Week – May 28th

It has been mentioned before, but for this year’s conference, we were lucky to engage an Advisory Committee to help us define and develop the sessions to be held.

One such session was recommended by David Mitchell of Guilford Press.  Dave is very interested in trying to understand what new skills people in publishing should have, and what traits that “digital-natives” possess that can be leveraged by the company.

Here is the text description of that session:

Most experienced leaders in publishing companies came into the business with a major in English, having written their college term papers on typewriters and primitive word processors.  The social networks were who you spoke with at launch parties. Suffice it to say, understanding technology was not a high priority for those entering publishing.  Today is a different story.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and FourSquare are all tools used by most “digital natives.” There is a growing requirement for the newest generation of publishing people to understand their power and how to use them. But, what are the other traits necessary in today’s publishing environment? How do you tell whether someone is suited with the right tools to work for you? How do you know if you have them yourself?

Over at the Firebrand Associates blog, we’re engaging this topic as well, and our hope is that you will jump in on the discussion, so that by the time the conference comes around, we’ll have a lot to discuss!

Don’t forget to Register for the Conference on September 19th!


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I am the founder and CEO of Firebrand Technologies and the CEO of NetGalley, LLC.

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